The Time for Hair Breakage is Over, so, We are creating a Family of Hair Care Products with Protection Built In!

PREVENT HAIR DAMAGE!  Don't simply repair it.  Using ESLABONDEXX™ strengthens the hair bonds to prevent damage and breakage from every chemical treatment. Mix it with color or bleach, or use it with perms, straighteners, or color correctors without modifications to your formulation or processing times.  Your customers will love the result.  This is break-through technology you won't find anywhere else.  

 ESLABONDEXX™ is also used as a stand-alone treatment for damaged hair, and after a non-color treatment to prevent damage.  Since a root touch-up does not reach the most damaged part of the hair, use ESLABONDEXX™ on all the hair after the touch-up, for damage protection and as a restorative for the previously treated areas.  Both you and your customer will love the result!

 The take-home follow-up product (Sustainer) is to be used by your customer twice a week.  250ml should last 4-6 weeks, even for long hair. A 100ml bottle that retails for less, but lasts 2-3 weeks, is also available.  The 250ml bottles are selling quickly, so stock up!



However gentle the formulation, a chemical process always damages the hair: it breaks internal bonds, leaving the hair dry, brittle and ultimately weak. ESLABONDEXX™, used in combination with chemical hair treatments, prevents damage before it can even start, by creating new bonds while protecting the existing internal structure, delivering added elasticity, strength, enhanced condition and suppleness. Please Click On The Different Links Below For Mixing Instructions 

Mixing with High Lift Colors  Mixing With Standard Color  Mixing with Bleach  

Mixing with Direct Colors  Stand Alone Treatment  Mixing in Perms  

Mixing with Chemical Straighteners   Mixing with Keratin Treatments




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