Eslabondexx Color


ESLABONDEXX™ Color, Part of a Family of Hair Care Built on Protection

ESLABONDEXX™ Color stands out for its range of beautiful, bright, unique colors, with faceted reflections, thanks to the combination of three different technologies:

ESLABONDEXX™ Protection System

The ESLABONDEXX™ Protection System contains a mix of amino acids with an antipollutant and anti-aging effect, such as:

• phytoceramids: enhance the hair’s “barrier function”, improve its appearance and strengthen the structure;

• soy isoflavones: stimulate cell turnover and keratin renewal;

• N-acetyl cysteine: acts as a precursor of biological defenses with respect to external aggression.

Liquid Crystal Emulsion

Liquid Crystal Emulsion promotes better distribution of the hair colorant in the tint and their rapid, effective diffusion inside the hair. The result is an intense, lasting coloration and an extremely brilliant effect.

Mix of Very Pure Pigments

The pigments are selected so as to extract only those performing better and with the highest degree of purity. This selection criterion ensures stability of highlights. Moreover, thanks to the particular mode of pigment deposit, a three dimensional result is obtained; this ensures total coverage of white hair, while giving an extremely natural effect.

The synergy of these different technologies allows for strong, healthy, protected and far brighter hair.

Please note: For grey coverage in every shade, use 10 Volume developer.  Using 20 Volume will lighten the color more than the swatch color.  Also, Eslabondexx™ Color must be finished with the additional step of adding Amplifier at the correct time.  Shampoo the hair after the color service, then blot with a towel. Add the appropriate amount of Amplifier (one pump for shoulder-length hair), leave on for 5 minutes, rinse, dry and style.

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