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Product Image Item Name

Eslabondexx™ Scalp Saver 100ml

Eslabondexx™ ReStart / Reactivation Home Treatment

Rev Up Color Refreshing Mask - Mahogany

Color Effective Swatch Book

Color Effective Swatch Book

Lively Swatch Book

Lively Swatch Book

Touch Swatch Book

Simply Man-Match Color Swatch Book

ACTIVATOR SPECIAL RED [13 vol.] 1000ml · 3.9%

ACTIVATOR [7 vol.] 1000ml · 2.1%

Pastiss Catalyst/Developer

Color Mixing Bowl, Nouvelle

Radiance - Sleek Bliss - Anti-Frizz Smoothing Creme

Curl me up Perfect Bounce


Color Back

RS - Curl Relaxer

Hand Cream for Stylists-Crema Mana

Color Effective Blue Decoflash Powder - 500 gr

Color Effective White Deco Cream Lightener 250 gr

Kit - Extra Play it straight

Kit - Regular Play it straight

Lively Mildeco Violet Bleaching Powder 500 gr

Radiance - Diamond Drop

Kapillixine Hair Loss Control Drops

Kapillixine Golden Drops

RS - Drop of Light

Kapillixine Clean Drops

Kapillixine Hair Loss Ultra Drops

Curl me up Easy Control

Trial Size Amplifier

ESLABONDEXX Salon System Package

Eslabondexx Leave-in Rescue Lotion 150ml


ESLABONDEXX Amplifier 1000ml (Step 2)

Eslabondexx™ Bleach - 500gr

Color Application Brush, Eslabondexx™

EslaColor Swatch Book

10 VOLUME - EslaColor Catalyst/Developer -1000ml

20 VOLUME - EslaColor Catalyst/Developer -1000ml

30 VOLUME - EslaColor Catalyst /Developer- 1000ml

40 VOLUME - EslaColor Catalyst/Developer - 1000ml

5 VOLUME - EslaColor Catalyst/Developer - 1000ml

Eslabondexx™ Hair Toner - Caramel 60ml

Eslabondexx™ Hair Toner - Golden Rosé Blonde 60ml

Eslabondexx™ Hair Toner - Irise Blonde 60ml

Eslabondexx™ Hair Toner - Rosé Blonde 60ml

Eslabondexx™ Hair Toner - Silver Blonde 60ml

Eslabondexx™ Hair Toner - Violet Blonde 60ml

Eslabondexx™ Hair Spray Gel 200 ml

Eslabondexx™ Medium Hold Water Wax 100 ml

Eslabondexx™ Multi Target Milk 150 ml

Eslabondexx™ Pre-Styling Mousse 200 ml

Eslabondexx™ Hair Perfume 100 ml

Eslabondexx™ Strong Hold Clay Pomade 100 ml

Eslabondexx™ Shine Hair Serum 100 ml

Eslabondexx™ Sea Salt Spray 150 ml

Eslabondexx™ Strong Hold Shine Gel 150 ml

Eslabondexx™ Eco Shine Hair Spray 300 ml

Eslabondexx™ Super Hold Hair Spray 400 ml

Eslabondexx™ Shine Effect Water Wax 100 ml

Freestyle Deco Lightener 500gr.


RS - Extreme Gel

RS - Extreme Gel

Apron, Black Nouvelle

Eslabondexx Sustainer 250ml - Home Application

RS - Extra Trend

RS - Eco Fixing

Curl me up Protein Mask 500 ml

Curl me up Protein Mask 250 ml

Double Effect Nutritive Mask 500 ml

Double Effect Nutritive Mask 1000 ml

Double Effect Nutritive Mask 250 ml

Every Day Herbal Mask 1000 ml

Every Day Herbal Mask 250 ml

Color Glow Maintenance Mask 1000 ml

Color Glow Maintenance Mask 250 ml

Lively Color Saver Mask 1000 ml

Lively Color Saver Mask 250 ml

Radiance - Luminance Mask

Cutting Cape, Black Nouvelle

RS - Energy Shape


Body Booster Gentle & Volume

simply man - Total Energy Body and Hair

Body Booster Volume Revolution

Color Duster

Simply Man Anti-Age Response Cream

RS - Curl Hi-Fi

Double Effect Nutri Fluid

Double Effect Nutri Foam

Double Effect Nutrimix

Simply Man - Wet Look Strong Gummy Gel

RS - Glam Gloss

True Blonde Mask 250ml

Kapillixine Instant Clean

Lively Color Saver Oil

simply man - 3 in 1 Performance Lotion

Simply Man - Matte Groomer

Rev Up Color Refreshing Mask - Hazelnut 200ml

Rev Up Color Refreshing Mask - Violet- viola

RS - Rock Hard

Rev Up Color Refreshing Mask - Cacao

Rev Up Color Refreshing Mask -Red

Curl me up HD Curl Serum 250 ml

simply man - 3 in 1 Performance Shampoo 200ml

RS - Double Shot

Color Glow Moisture Refill

RS - Brilliant Bliss

RS - Heat Protector

RS - Hot Head

RS - Shiny Hair

RS - Matte Mud

RS - Power Glue

Hi Fill Rejuvenating Remedy

Hi Fill Revital Mask 500ml

Hi Fill Revital Mask 300ml

RS - Spider Head

Hi Fill Time Rewind Shampoo 1000ml

Hi fill time rewind shampoo antiage 250ml

Electronic Weighing Scale

RS - Shine Wax

Color Effective Oxygen Developer 10Vol 1000ml

Color Effective Oxygen Developer 20Vol 1000ml

Color Effective Oxygen Developer 30Vol 1000ml

Color Effective Oxygen Developer 40Vol 1000ml

Lively Developer 10Vol

Lively Developer 20Vol

Lively Developer 30Vol

Lively Developer 40Vol

Color Mix/Application Brush, Nouvelle

Color Tinting Set, Eslabondexx™

Modifier Level 0

Modifier Level 1

Modifier Level 2

Eslabondexx Rescue Shampoo 200ml

Eslabondexx Rescue Shampoo 1000ml

Eslabondexx Immediate Rescue 150ml Spray

Hair Clips, Eslabondexx™

Defence Fluid 150ml

Simply Man - Match After Shave Gel 75ml

Simply Man - Match Shaving Soap 100ml

Vita Oil 150ml

Simply Man 1 - Match Color Kit #1 40ml+40ml

Simply Man 3.1 - Match Color Kit #3.1 40ml+40ml

Simply Man 4.1 - Match Color Kit #4.1 40ml+40ml

Simply Man 5 - Match Color Kit #5 40ml+40ml

Simply Man 6 - Match Color Kit #6 40ml+40ml

Simply Man 7.1 - Match Color Kit #7.1 40ml+40ml

Rev Up Color Refreshing Mask - Copper

Rev Up Color Refreshing Mask - Malt

Rev Up Color Refreshing Mask - Truffle

Rev Up Color Refreshing Mask -Silver

Color Glow True Blonde Shampoo

Body Booster Volume Effect Shampoo 1000 ml

Body Booster Volume Effect Shampoo 250 ml

Curl me up Protein Shampoo 1000 ml

Curl me up Protein Shampoo 250 ml

Double Effect Nutritive Shampoo 1000 ml

Double Effect Nutritive Shampoo 300 ml

Every Day Herbal Shampoo 1000 ml

Every Day Herbal Shampoo 250 ml

Kapillixine Clean Sense Shampoo 1000ml

Kapillixine Clean Sense Shampoo 250ml

Kapillixine Energy Care Shampoo 1000ml

Kapillixine Energy Care Shampoo 250ml

Kapillixine Normalizing Cleanser Shampoo 1000ml

Kapillixine Normalizing Cleanser Shampoo 250ml

Color Glow Maintenance Shampoo 1000 ml

Color Glow Maintenance Shampoo 250 ml

Lively Color Saver Shampoo 1000 ml

Lively Color Saver Shampoo 250 ml

Radiance - Gloss Shampoo

Color Glow True Silver Shampoo

Lively Color Saver Styling Cream

1-EslaColor Black

10-EslaColor Extra Light Blonde

10.23-EslaColor Irise Golden Extra Light Blonde

10.3-EslaColor Golden Extra Light Blonde

10.72-EslaColor Irise Brown Extra Light Blonde

1.10-EslaColor Blue Black

12.01-EslaColor Ash Natural Ultra-light Blonde

12.11-EslaColor Intense Ash Ultra-light Blonde

12.16-EslaColor Red Ash Ultra-light Blonde

12.72-EslaColor Irise Brown Ultra-light Blonde

2.22-EslaColor Brown Violet

3-EslaColor Dark Chestnut Brown

4-EslaColor Medium Chestnut Brown

4.22-EslaColor Violet Medium Chestnut Brown

4.3-EslaColor Golden Medium Chestnut Brown

4.5-EslaColor Mahogany Medium Chestnut Brown

4.77-EslaColor Intensive Brown Medium Chestnut

5-EslaColor Light Chestnut Brown

5.1-EslaColor Light Ash Chestnut Brown

5.12-EslaColor Ash Irise Light Chestnut Brown

5.24-EslaColor Copper Irise Light Chestnut Brown

5.4-EslaColor Copper Light Chestnut Brown

5.52-EslaColor Irise Mahogany Light Chestnut Brown

5.66-EslaColor Intense Red Light Chestnut Brown

5.73-EslaColor Golden Brown Light Chestnut Brown

5.75-EslaColor Mahogany Brown Light Chestnut

6-EslaColor Dark Blonde

6.22-EslaColor Violet Dark Blonde

6.3-EslaColor Golden Dark Blonde

6.31-EslaColor Ash Golden Dark Blonde-Beige

6.5-EslaColor Mahogany Dark Blonde

6.65-EslaColor Mahogany Red Dark Blonde

6.77-EslaColor Intensive Brown Dark Blonde

7-EslaColor Medium Blonde

7.1-EslaColor Medium Ash Blonde

7.12-EslaColor Ash Irise Medium Blonde

7.13-EslaColor Golden Ash Medium Blonde-Beige

7.24-EslaColor Copper Irise Medium Blonde

7.32-EslaColor Irise Golden Medium Blonde

7.37-EslaColor Brown Golden Medium Blonde

7.4-EslaColor Copper Medium Blonde

7.62-EslaColor Irise Red Medium Blonde

7.66-EslaColor Intense Red Medium Blonde

7.7-EslaColor Brown Medium Blonde

7.73-EslaColor Golden Brown Medium Blonde

7.75-EslaColor Mahogany Brown Medium Blonde

8-EslaColor Light Blonde

8.23-EslaColor Irise Golden Light Blonde

8.3-EslaColor Golden Light Blonde

8.31-EslaColor Ash Golden Light Blonde-Beige

8.72-EslaColor Irise Brown Light Blonde

9-EslaColor Very Light Blonde

900-EslaColor Ultra-Light Blonde

901-EslaColor Ash Natural Ultra-light Blonde

9.1-EslaColor Extra Light Ash Blonde

9.13-EslaColor Golden Ash Extra Light Blonde-Beige

913-EslaColor Cool Beige Ultra-light Blonde

9.32-EslaColor Irise Golden Extra Light Blonde

9.37-EslaColor Golden Brown Extra Light Blonde

9.4-EslaColor Copper Extra Light Blonde

9.7-EslaColor Extra Light Brown Blonde

Magnifier, Color Intensifier Grey 40 ml

Eslabondexx™ Mix Magnifier, Color Intensifier Violet 40 ml

Eslabondexx™ Mix Magnifier, Color Intensifier Yellow 40 ml

Eslabondexx™ Mix Magnifier, Color Intensifier Orange 40 ml

Eslabondexx™ Mix Magnifier, Color Intensifier Cyclamen 40 ml

Eslabondexx™ Mix Magnifier, Color Intensifier Red 40 ml

Eslabondexx™ Mix Magnifier, Color Intensifier Blue 40 ml

Eslabondexx™ Mix Magnifier, Color Intensifier Green 40 ml

000- Lively Lightener

1- Lively Black

10- Lively Extra Light Blonde

1.10-Lively Blue Black

2- Lively Very Dark Brown

2.20- Lively Violet Brown

3- Lively Dark Brown

3.78- Lively Cool Dark Brown

4- Lively Brown

4.1- Lively Medium Ash Brown

4.20- Lively Violet Chestnut

4.3- Lively Golden Brown

4.5- Lively Mahogany Brown

4.62- Lively Chestnut Red Violet

4.7- Lively Chestnut Brown

4.78- Lively Cool Brown

5- Lively Light Brown

5.3- Lively Light Golden Brown

5.35- Lively Gilded Mahogany Brown

5.4- Lively Light Copper Brown

5.43- Lively Light Brown Gilded Copper

5.5- Lively Light Mahogany Brown

5.53- Lively Light Gilded Mahogany Brown

5.62- Lively Light Chestnut Red Violet

5.66- Lively Light Brown Red

6- Lively Dark Blonde

6.1- Lively Dark Ash Blonde

6.22- Lively Dark Blonde Intense Violet

6.3- Lively Dark Golden Blonde

6.34- Lively Dark Gold Copper Blonde

6.53- Lively Dark Gilded Mahogany Blonde

6.66- Lively Dark Blonde Red

6.7- Lively Dark Chestnut Blonde

7- Lively Blonde

7.35- Lively Gilded Mahogany Blonde

7.4- LivelyCopper Blonde

7.43- Lively Blonde Gilded Copper

7.53- Lively Mahogany Gold Blonde

7.66- Lively Blonde Red

8- Lively Light Blonde

8.2- Lively Light Irise Blonde

8.3- Lively Light Golden Blonde

8.34- Lively Light Gold Copper Blonde

8.44- Lively Intense Light Copper Blonde

9- Lively Very Light Blonde

900- Lively Ultra Light Blonde

901- Lively Ultra Light Ash Blonde

902- Lively Ultra Light Irise Blonde

908- Lively Ultra Light Pearl Blonde

9.2- Lively Very Light Irise Blonde




034-Golden Copper


065-Red Mahogany




10-Very Light Blonde Extra

10.31-Extra Light Golden Ash Blonde

1.10-Blue Black

12.0-Polar Blonde

12.00-Ultra Light Blonde Plus

12.01-Ultra Light Ash Blonde Plus

12.013-Ultra Light Beige Blonde

12.20-Amethyst Blonde

12.8-River Pearl

2-Very Dark Brown

2.20-Very Dark Violet Brown

3-Dark Brown

3.78-Black Pearl



4.62-Red Irise Brown

4.7- Ebony


5-Light Brown

5.0-Light Brown Plus

5.1-Light Ash Brown

5.20-Light Violet Brown

5.3-Light Golden Brown

5.34-Light Golden Copper Brown

5.35-Light Golden Mahogany Brown

5.4-Light Copper Brown

5.43-Light Copper Golden Brown


5.62-Light Red Irise Brown

5.66-Light Vivid Red Brown



6-Dark Blonde

6.0-Dark Blonde Plus

6.1-Dark Ash Brown

6.20-Dark Violet Blonde

6.3-Dark Golden Blonde

6.34-Dark Golden Copper Blonde

6.35-Marron Glace

6.4-Dark Copper Brown

6.45-Dark Copper Mahogany Blonde

6.5-Dark Mahogany Blonde


6.60-Dark Deep Red Blonde


6.65-Carmine Red

6.66-Dark Intense Red Blonde





7.0-Blonde Plus

7.1-Ash Blonde

7.2-Irise Blonde

7.3-Golden Blonde



7.34-Golden Copper Blonde

7.35-Golden Mahogany Blonde

7.4-Copper Blonde


7.420R-Fire Opal

7.44-Vivid Copper Blonde


7.66-Red Intense Blonde


8-Light Blonde

8.0-Light Blonde Plus

8.1-Light Ash Blonde

8.13-Light Ash Golden Blonde

8.2-Light Irise Blonde

8.3-Light Golden Blonde

8.31-Light Golden Ash Blonde


8.4 - Light Copper Blonde

8.43-Light Copper Golden Blonde

8.43R-Orange Coral


9-Very Light Blonde

9.0-Very Light Blonde Plus

900-Ultra Light Blonde



901-Ultra Light Ash Blonde

902-Ultra Light Irise Blonde


9.1-Very Light Ash Blonde

9.13-Very Light Ash Golden Blonde

9.2-Very Light Irise Blonde

9.201-Silver Moon

9.206-Pink Ice

9.3-Very Light Golden Blonde

9.31-Very Light Golden Ash Blonde

9.41-Sun Stone


Dark Gray


Light Gray

Pastiss Pastel Blue

Pastiss Diamond

Pastiss Wisteria

Pastiss Orchid

Pastiss Pastel Pink

Pastiss Green Tea

Pastiss Turquoise

1-Touch Black

10.4-Touch Sun

1.10-Touch Blue Black

10.2-Touch Pearl Blonde

2.20-Touch Violet Brown

3-Touch Dark Brown

3.78-Touch Black Pearl

4-Touch Medium Brown

4.3-Touch Coffee

4.62-Touch Scarlet

4.71-Touch Ebony

4.77-Touch Havana

5-Touch Light Brown

5.20-Touch Violet

5.5-Touch Mahogany

5.53-Touch Chocolate

5.66-Touch Ruby Red

5.7-Touch Mocha

5.78-Touch Granite

6-Touch Dark Blonde

6.1-Touch Smoke

6.3-Touch Capuccino

6.34-Touch Toffee

6.4-Touch Copper

6.64-Touch Flame Red

7-Touch Medium Blonde

7.53-Touch Chestnut

7.66-Touch Fire Red

7.7-Touch Mink

8-Touch Light Blonde

8.1-Touch Light Smoke

8.2-Touch Ecru

8.3-Touch Honey

8.34-Touch Caramel

8.4-Touch Saffron

9.12-Touch Pink Smoke

9.37-Touch Oriental Gold

9.39-Touch Sand

9.71-Touch Alabaster


Touch Swatch Book